Temporary Construction Fence Site Survey

Your temporary construction fence should be your first line of defense at your construction site or event. Not only does it aid in keeping materials and tool safe; it keeps potential lawsuits from curious trespassers out.  Construction sites are dangerous, especially in the dark.  It is easy for others to quickly get hurt. A fenceContinue Reading

American Fence Company of Kearney Nebraska

Did you know that we are in Kearney Nebraska?  Check us out at http://kearneyfencecompany.com/.

Brand and Promote Your Temporary Construction Fence

Brand your company and brand your site with rental construction fence wind screening.  For less than two dollars per square foot, you can conceal valuable project materials and promote your company and project name.  The best part is that you can use this screening on this temporary fence project and also the next project. OutContinue Reading

The American Rental Fence

At The American Fence Company we want our fences to last for years, but not all fences are meant to be forever, as we also offer temporary fence.  If you’re looking to rent a Temporary Fence System, you’ve come to the right place, we are proud to announce the American Fence Rental Company website is now live!  Check outContinue Reading