PalmSHIELD Square Mesh Panel System Specifications

Our team at PalmSHIELD is excited to announce that we have established a complete set of specifications and CAD drawings for our PalmSHIELD Square Mesh Panel System.  This information will make it easy for architects and engineers to provide a complete set of specifications for square mesh panel systems.  This is the only complete square mesh panel specification that providesContinue Reading

PalmSHIELD Perforated Panel Screen System Specifications

We at PalmSHIELD are excited to announce that we have established a complete set of CAD drawings and specifications for our PalmSHIELD Perforated Aluminum Panel Screen System.  With this information, engineers and architects will find it much easier to provide a complete set of specifications for perforated metal panel systems. This is the only completeContinue Reading

Overscallop ornamental swing gates give your property security and personality

An overscallop ornamental swing gate is ideal for someone who wants a beautiful, sophisticated gate that will protect their property and require little maintenance. An addition of an ornamental iron swing gate to a home or property brings a classy feel that can also increase your property value. Because they are made of ornamental iron,Continue Reading

Featured Product: Universal Self-Closing Spring Hinge

Self-closing hinges are a very important gate feature. If you have any animals or small children you don’t want escaping as you’re going through your gate, you should consider installing one of these hinges. Hinges that utilize springs are referred to as self-closing hinges. These hinges are popular with homeowners with children and pets, andContinue Reading