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Palm Shield was selected to enclose a large mechanical equipment facility at the new Sanford Medical Center, Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  This particular Palm Shield enclosure was twelve feet tall with large double drive doors for equipment access.  Palm Shield provides incredible aesthetics while protecting and venting la[read more]

Palm Shield louvered fence screen was used at the new state of the art Johnson Public Safety building, Johnson County, Iowa.  The louvered gates incorporate a crash beam on the interior and Palm Shield louvered system on the exterior.  On either side of the gate are two large stanchions used to leverage the beam in the ev[read more]

Palm Shield is a proven staple for the City of Council Bluffs, Iowa.  Once again, it was specified to provide a protective and pleasing barrier for water management equipment. Palm Shield is the ultimate louvered screen system.    [read more]

Palm Shield compliments new Children's Hospital facility.  Standing twelve feet tall, the grey panels shine and contrast the building exterior.  This is the perfect louvered screen system. [read more]

Louvered screens have been used for years to conceal mechanical equipment, generators, compressors, etc.  American Fence Company has been installing these screens and fences for decades.  Over time, we have come to appreciate the shortcomings and strengths of some of the more popular louvered systems.  Hence, we strongly[read more]

Why Western Red Cedar IS the PREMIER CHOICE for your wood fence.   Your home is the investment that brings safety and security to you and your family.  A good fence is one that enhances your outdoor living space while providing boundary and backdrop to your home’s environment.  A good fence will provide years[read more]

Why do fence pickets split?

Why do fence pickets split?  It is not a matter of “if” fence pickets split as almost all wood fence pickets will eventually develop small checks regardless of species.  Checks are small ruptures in the wood grain where the drying process has occurred unevenly.  In other woods the moisture left the wood unevenly betw[read more]

Unfounded Vinyl Fence Fears

As we round the corner on another Midwest winter, our neighborhood’s vinyl fences are still standing.  Surprising? Of course, not. Vinyl fencing has been around for over twenty years. Its popularity has grown exponentially as it replaces wood and ornamental in popularity.  Yet, there are still many home owners and neigh[read more]