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PalmSHIELD Now Had Dumpster Enclosure Drawings PalmSHIELD is excited to announce the release of the CAD drawings for their standard dumpster enclosures. Their new standard dumpster enclosure drawings include layouts for 1, 2 and 3 dumpsters. Refuge dumpsters have a standard footprint, and solid waste management companies[read more]

PalmSHIELD announces new vertical louver option PalmSHIELD is excited to announce Vertical Seclusion, their new vertical louver fence and screening system. Vertical louvers are popular for mechanical equipment enclosures and matching existing rooftop equipment screening designs. PalmSHIELD recognizes that most building e[read more]

Featured Product: Bar Grating Panels

PalmSHIELD now offers an additional type of security fencing. Their bar grating panels are made of aluminum and offer superior ventilation and visibility. Bar grating panels consist of metal bars that run parallel to each other and crossbars that run perpendicular for stability. PalmSHIELD’s bar grating panels are swag[read more]

PalmSHIELD Keeps You Safe with Fire Exit Code Compliant Screen Doors

Did you know that PalmSHIELD mechanical equipment screening can be designed with code compliant fire exit doors and hardware? PalmSHIELD offers a wide range of leading life safety and security door hardware. From heavy duty exit devices to economical exit devices, exit alarms, external keying, access control devices and low[read more]

Featured Product: Aluminum Perforated Panels

Palmshield’s perforated panel screen systems are a type of security fencing that comes with a wide array of hole sizes and metal sheet thicknesses. This style of security fence allows a controllable amount of visibility and air flow. Perforated panels from Palmshield are made of aluminum, which makes them very lightwei[read more]

Success in Every Gate

America’s Fence Store proves that every gate is a success. Any large cantilever gate that is longer than sixty-five feet and has a mechanical splice is fully tested in their shop. This is not an easy task. As shown in the video below, each gate is supported with a series of lifts and blocks to replicate what would occur i[read more]

Comparing Windscreening and Slats for Chain Link Fence

If you’ve ever wanted some privacy or wind protection from your chain link fence, you should consider installing a windscreen or some slats. Both provide extra coverage on your chain link fence that can reduce visibility, increase aesthetics and block the wind. This can be beneficial for a range of fences, from small scal[read more]

Featured Product: Green Treated Posts

America's Fence Store's green treated posts are made of white pine and are treated with the same ACQ2 treatment as yellow pine. It is designed to have a long service life and to stay in great condition for many years. White pine costs more than yellow pine but is also less likely to bow or twist. White pine is straighter[read more]