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Would be thieves don’t want to make a scene at your front door.  They want to sneak around to the back of your house, through your gate and into the basement or patio door.  By the time they reach the back door; they are committed.  They know that they may have crossed that threshold of no return and may now attempt to[read more]

Home Runs Will Vary

Never assume you know where to layout the circumference of an outfield fence.  American Fence Company has installed thousands of baseball and softball fields.  We have come to understand that there is no constant in the overall layout. From diagram 1.04, it illustrates the circumference is taken from the radius locat[read more]

When the situation fits, an automated gate operator is a great idea. But are there situations where maybe an automated gate is not ideal? American Fence Company sells hundreds of gate operators and access control systems every year.  These sales and installs are split between residential and commercial.  We love the id[read more]

Vertical pivot lift gates are the “no gap allowed” solution.

Do you need the ultimate solution in removing any gaps at the bottom of your gate?  Do you not have the storage space for a rolling, cantilever or swing gate?  Your solution may be a vertical pivot gate. Vertical pivot gates are lite weight gates that operate on a single pivot point that is located on one side of the o[read more]

Cantilever Gates – No sweeping concerns

Cantilever gates are the most popular choice for automated gates.  A cantilever gate is suspended above the ground thus there is no concerns regarding terrain, road conditions or adverse weather.  The gates upper and lower guide wheels guide the gate through the opening.  Unlike the sweeping effects of swing gates, canti[read more]

PalmSHIELD has been engineered to meet the category one 90 mph wind load requirement for an architectural louvered screen system.    Though we do not provide generalized engineered stamped drawings; we do review our engineering to assure that our design will meet designed load requirements relative to the overall design [read more]

A rolling slide gate is a type of slide gate.  American Fence Company's most popular slide gate is a cantilever gate.  A typical cantilever slide gate uses sealed bearing rollers that are fastened to  four inch diameter support posts with no wheels touching the ground.  The cantilever slide gate is cantilevered over an[read more]

Many a customers have said after their fence was installed, “I wish I would have gone with a …..gate instead.”   American Fence Company staff are professionals within the fence industry.  As the professionals, we are obligated to point out the features, benefits and liabilities of each type of gate installation.  [read more]