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PalmSHIELD Square Mesh Panel System Specifications

Our team at PalmSHIELD is excited to announce that we have established a complete set of specifications and CAD drawings for our PalmSHIELD Square Mesh Panel System.  This information will make it easy for architects and engineers to provide a complete set of specifications for square mesh panel systems.  This is the[read more]

We at PalmSHIELD are excited to announce that we have established a complete set of CAD drawings and specifications for our PalmSHIELD Perforated Aluminum Panel Screen System.  With this information, engineers and architects will find it much easier to provide a complete set of specifications for perforated metal panel sys[read more]

Overscallop ornamental swing gates give your property security and personality

An overscallop ornamental swing gate is ideal for someone who wants a beautiful, sophisticated gate that will protect their property and require little maintenance. An addition of an ornamental iron swing gate to a home or property brings a classy feel that can also increase your property value. Because they are made of [read more]

Featured Product: Universal Self-Closing Spring Hinge

Self-closing hinges are a very important gate feature. If you have any animals or small children you don’t want escaping as you’re going through your gate, you should consider installing one of these hinges. Hinges that utilize springs are referred to as self-closing hinges. These hinges are popular with homeowners w[read more]

Future High Security Fence Requirements

Today, high security is more than just a taller fence.  High security is vehicle restraint systems designed to stop 10,000 pound vehicles traveling at 30 mph plus within 1 meter of the system.  High security is ballistic restrictive screening systems that fragment small arms fire.  It’s sensing and alarming intrude[read more]

Add Beauty and Reliability to Your Home with an Overscallop Cantilever Gate

Whether you’re looking for an estate gate for your own home or as a security feature for another property, there are many reasons you should consider an overscallop or arched cantilever gate. As America’s Gate is a custom gate manufacturer, you may select any size of opening. Your arch may reach any height and drop has [read more]

Featured Product: Ranch Rails

Whether you live near a rural area or not, more than likely you know of those quaint fences that often border rural properties. These fences are usually made of wood or vinyl and have two or three rails, with lots of open space. This homey fence style is known as a ranch rail fence, or a split rail fence. Ranch rail fenc[read more]

The Benefits of Single Track and Double Track Cantilever Gates

Cantilever gates can be an asset to a home or business’s security. Different styles of cantilever gates have different uses and benefits. Two of the most common types of cantilever gate are single track and double track gates. Benefits of Each Style Single track cantilever gates are meant for gates 27 feet long and un[read more]